At ICON Debt Solutions, we are happy to provide all the answers you need about our professional Vancouver liens, debt collection and Vancouver skip tracing services. Please read below for a few of our most frequently asked questions. Don't see your question here? Contact the helpful team at ICON Debt Solutions for help.

Frequently asked questions

Does ICON Debt Solutions charge a membership fee or require any up front costs to sign up?

There's no cost to the customer to work with ICON Debt Solutions until we collect the money you are owed. We don't require membership fees and there are no administrative set-up fees or other charges to worry about.

How do you collect on debts and collect information about customers?

There are many approaches we can take when working with clients on Vancouver debt collection and other financial matters. We typically utilize a combination of letters, phone calls, reporting to credit bureaus and in some cases, the filing of lawsuits, to help clients get the money they are owed.

How does ICON Debt Solutions make money?

ICON Debt Solutions charges a fixed commission rate on all services. Once we've collected on the debts you are owed, we deduct our profit as a percentage of the total amount collected.

How long do collection accounts show up on a credit report?

Collection accounts are subject to the standard seven-year time limit for showing up on credit reports, unless a judgment is obtained that prevents that from happening.

What are the chances of a lawsuit being filed in my situation?

As a third-party agency, we cannot file a lawsuit without the client's prior authorization. However, if the debt is big and the debtor is being resistant to repayment, and if there is reason to be belief the debtor has vulnerable assets, we may recommend that a client proceed with a lawsuit. Keep in mind that if there are no assets or employment to speak of, then a lawsuit can simply end up being a waste of time. Please note that in the case of a lawsuit, clients are responsible for paying all legal costs.

ICON Debt Solutions has Nationwide recognition and affiliates that collect for us in different provinces but we mainly serve British Columbia.

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