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Let us collect your outstanding receivables so you can focus on your business' growth.

As one of the top collections agencies in Vancouver, we can help you collect from anyone who owes you $100 or more!
* We only serve Canadian clients at the moment.

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A quick professional solution.

Take full advantage of our services without any upfront fees or extra costs for resolving persistent debt.
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Increase your cash flow promptly through a more effective and efficient way to resolve stubborn accounts.
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Hiring a professional collector can motivate your client to pay a debt as most are afraid that it will affect their credit.
Icon has always provided exceptional service for our office.
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What we do

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Vancouver Collection Agency

Debt collection to help your business drive success.

While staying occupied in your business routines, you may rarely find time to collect a stubborn debt. And as time moves on, it gets increasingly challenging to get your money back. When all your payment collection efforts become unsuccessful, a debt collection agency may be a very beneficial solution.

As a trusted collection agency in BC, we have years of experience in recovering unpaid debts. We can automatically help to boost the bottom line of your business. No upfront cost. No hidden fees.

Successful and Flexible Credit Recovery in Vancouver

Keep on working towards the growth of your business while we recover all your debts. We know the best techniques to ensure debtors are responsible for their financial obligations and incite them to make fast payments. We can help you find the most reliable collection plan to match your unique business model.

Legal Protection and Documentation

Hiring us to collect unpaid debts on behalf of your business can help eliminate legal risks with ease. As we take up a project, we make full records of every communication with debtors. If you eventually have to pursue the matter in Small Claims Court, we can provide additional evidence to support your claim.

Faster Collections of Pending Payments

Get your money back faster and recover all your pending payments quickly. There is no need to spend lots of time chasing your customers. You can save all your time, energy and money by hiring a collection expert — allowing you to focus on your business' essential tasks while maintaining an adequate cash flow in the long run.

Fully bonded and licensed

Run your business with complete peace of mind.

We are licensed with consumer protection in the province of British Columbia since 2005. Rest assured that we know all provincial and federal rules and regulations to conduct our work. We offer reliable services for quick debt collection.

A diverse community of clients from Vancouver, BC.

Icon does the job, that is why we at Lernit Tutoring Services use their services exclusively.

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A diverse community of clients from Vancouver, BC.

Management has always been able to recover my claims in a timely fashion! Definitely the go-to company for your debt collection needs.

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A diverse community of clients from Vancouver, BC.

Seamless communication operations helped us in reaching our numbers. (...) ICON's team worked out very well in a very professional manner and now have a long-term customer.

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Credit Collection Agency, Vancouver

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